About Us! 
is a continuing extension of the ministry and work of
Jesus Christ of Nazareth!
Birthed May 14, 2000, we provide total spiritual care for the whole family!
Apostle Arnetta Salazar is Overseer, Founding Pastor and Shepherdess, who provides the knowledge and  truth of God through the teaching and preaching of God's word. Apostle Salazar is also Founder/CEO of Virtuous Works for Christ Global Ministries, Inc..
HEAVEN HANDS MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL CHURCH (HHMIC) is "A Ministry of Holy Excellence!"  Proclaiming, Explaining and Living the Word of God! We operate solely on the donations and free-will offerings of its members and others who give and make donations. We are incorporated in the state of Illinois and we are a non-profit 501(c) 3 tax exempt organization.  
HHMIC is a ministry for all  who are seeking spiritual maturity
and in need of the love of God and spiritual care. 
She, HHMIC  is a transitional facility that helps others understand the importance of receiving Salvation and the two baptisms (water and Spirit) necessary for entrance into the Kingdom of God. We teach the importance of a holy and godly life. Helping people grow in the knowledge, wisdom and truth of God's Word as they learn to pray, increase their faith, experience fasting and become transformed by the renewing of their mind.
A transparent ministry, we help people face the reality of where they are right now; where they can grow to be; both now and eternally with God. This ministry is filled with many who have been healed and delivered (set free) from the many things that once held them captive (drugs, alcohol, abuse, lying, stealing, fornicating, adultery, low self esteem, depression, oppression, etc...). We caters to those looking to find true life in  Christ, through  truth, sanctification, holiness and spiritual maturity; those looking to live, walk and talk as true Christians. 
We are proud to see the power of God change the lives of many as they return to life, their loved ones, their homes, communities and the workplaces changed! Ready to let others know that there is such a place. Inviting all that they encounter to come in and look forward to having the same life changing experience in Christ! We are one among many Christian centers where one can have the transforming life changing experience that only Jesus Christ can give. A facility for spiritual care and enrichment we assist, empower, encourage whosoever will come!
We believe and engage in full christian ministry that includes Prayer, Praise & Worship, Worship Service and Christian Education for the whole family. We have individual ministries that cater to the entire family. Children's Church, Youth Church, Singles Ministry, Marriage Ministry, Men's Ministry, Women's Ministry and ministry for the Family, Fun in the Son (see our “Order of Service” page for the schedules).  
God has enlarged our territory in addition to our local mission work in the Chicago Roseland community, we have become an International Ministry doing mission work in Africa, India, Asia and Israel. A prophecy from God fulfilled by God. We're believing God to expand our ministry around the world!
Heaven Hands Ministries International Church realizes that her doors are wide and revolving. She knows that her work is great. Her trust is in God as she reaches out to help others, with a special concern for the homeless, hungry, poor and seniors. She believes and expects that as many that comes in to be served, that they will go out seek and serve others. Thus she rejoices that her time to be in existence is for such a time as this!
Therefore; those who have been helped in this blessed place becomes pairs of Heaven Hands capable of being used by God to reach out and help others in the same way that they have been helped. Realizing, that the provisions made for them were all done by the grace, mercy, love, power and heaven hands of God!
 ………………………..we must give if love is to be real, we are Heaven Hands!  
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